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My new memoir "Fire Season" will be released by She Writes Press in March, 2015. It will be available at all major bookstores and online sources. 


"In Hollye Dexter's new memoir, FIRE SEASON, there is insurmountable grief and excruciatingly gorgeous resurrection. Told with clear honesty, and a tremendous generosity of spirit, Hollye will have you looking at life from a whole new perspective. It’s a compelling look at how losing everything can both devastate and fortify who we are. This book is as lyrical as it is honest, as humorous as it is heartbreaking." 
- MONICA HOLLOWAY, author of Cowboy & Wills and Driving with Dead People

"Hollye Dexter makes me cry and laugh and boy oh boy, does she make me smile. Sometimes all within one paragraph. She tells her story with power and punch, and a truth that is unsettling and astonishing and ultimately uplifting. There isn't a soul who can't relate to her memoir. It is filled with revelations, humanity, poignancy, balls-out courage and humor. She is a role model extraordinaire." 

- AMY FERRIS, screenwriter (Mr. Wonderful, Funny Valentines), playwright, author of Marrying George Clooney

 I'm very proud to have co-edited (and written for) Dancing at the Shame Prom. Twenty-seven powerful women write their true stories of kicking shame to the curb, and becoming empowered. A book full of hope, inspiration, and jaw-dropping stories!

Dancing At The Shame Prom
Co-edited by Hollye Dexter and Amy Ferris.  (Seal Press)
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In Barnes and Noble, Powell's and most indie bookstores 

Dancing at the Shame Prom

" Dancing at the Shame Prom is a brilliant book that just might change your life."
- GLORIA FELDT, former CEO of Planned Parenthood, bestselling author of four books, including No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power

"These are startlingly honest stories of deep-down, lingering hurt, bravely and eloquently told.  Once you start reading you can't stop.  The effect is oddly cleansing." 
  -JOHN BERENDT – author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

“We all know that the truth will set you free, but the best part, as Gloria Steinem has said, is that first it will piss you off. This book will do both.”  
- SUZANNE BRAUN LEVINE, First editor of Ms. Magazine, author of How We Love Now

"Wise, funny, and undeniably smart, this collection about shame lifts the stigma, sheds new light, and is both very human and very humane."
- CAROLINE LEAVITT, New York Times bestselling author of Pictures of You

"... therapy for the soul, as cathartic for the reader as they must have been for the powerful and triumphant women who wrote them."
-SEAN STRUB, Writer, AIDS activist, filmmaker, founder of POZ magazine

“Dancing at the Shame Prom touched me deeply and helped me better understand the ways our secrets harm us. The women who wrote these stories have the kind of courage we can all aspire to. I highly recommend this book. It will open your heart."
- GLORIA LORING, Actress (Days of Our Lives), Singer (Friends and Lovers) author of Coincidence Is God's Way of Remaining Anonymous

Radio interview for Dancing at the Shame Prom. Listen here: 
WGLS radio- The Women's Room

Skype interview for Dancing at the Shame Prom- 
how Amy and Hollye made a dream come to life, what shame has meant in their own lives, what inspired the book:

My stories are also featured in the following anthologies:

Several stories from my first memoir, Only Good Things, are featured in this instructional book on the writing life.

Answered Prayers features a story from my first memoir about finding my biological father, through a series of coincidences, synchronicity, and prayers. The father I thought was dead was very much alive, and preaching at a Baptist church in Texas.

The Power of Positive features an essay I wrote about my kooky kid, Evan, and how he taught me a life lesson about persistence. A very sweet story....

An excerpt from my new memoir, Fire Season was featured in The Book of Miracles - which sold 500,000 copies this April (published by the folks at SPIN Magazine). 


Only Good Things
“Beautiful! She possesses true and rare talent that shows in nearly every sentence. Her language is wonderfully concrete and clear. More importantly, she recognizes the way a small story can reveal larger truths.”

- JOYCE MAYNARD, Bestselling author To Die For, Labor Day, At Home in The World

Articles by Hollye Dexter:
I make my living as a freelance writer and editor. 
My portfolio can be viewed here:  Hollye Dexter Portfolio 

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Tales From the Green Room

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 Hollye Dexter - Life Goes On
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